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We, the Pleiadians Consciousness, come forth in love and fact to greet you. We carry forth the power and lightweight of our civilisation to assist you in your interval of ascension. As a being upon the Earth, you aren’t alone, your consciousness is related to all facets of the Creator, and all facets of the Creator are related with you. That is a facet of ascension which is dawning now; there’s a duality inside your ascension which requires to be dissolved in order that fact could manifest so that you can expertise. Typically as human beings, you’ll be able to really feel alone and separate from others and even the Creator, this could trigger super ache and struggling which manifests into your bodily actuality and experiences. That is merely a results of an absence of consciously realising and acknowledging your everlasting reference to the Creator. With a purpose to dissolve experiences of loneliness and separation, there’s a want to just accept a facet of ascension which seems to be two contrasting concepts.

Connecting Within

To assist your ascension and deepening reference to the Creator there’s a want to attach with the energies inside your being. To look at your feelings, ideas and actions recognising whether or not they’re aligned with the power of the Creator or not. It’s to understand whether or not your ideas, emotions and actions lead you to the Creator or away. Additionally it is important to attach with the power of the Creator inside you. The Creator may be recognised in quite a few methods equivalent to love, peace, pleasure, bliss and synchronicity. If you permit your self to understand, recognise and merge with these sacred energies inside you, you permit your self to exist in concord with the Creator. Experiences of sacred power overflowing out of your coronary heart chakra and radiating out of your being may be the results of aligning your self with the Creator inside.

The method of recognising the Creator inside your being can seem like a lonely expertise. Typically a connection and deep realisation of the Creator can take time, persistence and meditation, along with your focus inward moderately than outward. In occasions when the Creator feels distant and never current with you, there may be experiences of super loneliness as you might be conscious of the chattering of your thoughts, areas which require to be healed, unsure emotions and an vacancy which appears unexplainable. The assist of one other individual sending therapeutic or visualising your required consequence in your behalf can help you along with your inside connection. Nevertheless, there’s a want so that you can transfer by way of and launch your wounds of separation in addition to your illusions of disconnection with the Creator to create area inside your being for the fact to unfold. Primarily experiencing loneliness, separation, uncertainty and vacancy inside your being could be a therapeutic and cleaning course of that permits you to create a transparent and pure reference to the Creator.

Whether or not you might be in the means of discovering your inside reference to the Creator or are at the moment experiencing and exploring your inside reference to the Creator, chances are you’ll end up turning inward, disconnecting from the exterior world and feeling as if you want for time to your self. Please recognise that that is additionally part of your ascension course of, it requires your acceptance in addition to your remark, as this pure interval of your ascension can turn into a behavior which hyperlinks itself to worry of the exterior world. Some individuals are each afraid of their exterior world and their inside world which causes them to expertise super isolation from the Creator. The individual they’re hiding from is themselves. In these instances, acceptance of self is a robust therapeutic balm.

Connecting Past Your self

If you turn into accustomed to connecting with the presence of the Creator inside you, this turns into a satisfying expertise which creates quite a few alternatives of additional reference to the Creator inside your being and actuality. The expertise turns into pleasant and inspirational, encouraging you to really feel as if you’re discovering who you actually are and your inside fact. That is if you find yourself invited to expertise the opposing expertise of connecting inside. The duality of your ascension we’re talking about is that you’re inspired to each join inside your being whereas even be related to all facets of the Creator, which means every thing that’s inside and out of doors of you. This could appear inconceivable, like two opposing experiences and states of being.

Curiously, experiencing your reference to the Creator inside your being; leads you to expertise your reference to all facets of the Creator, inside and out of doors of you. It’s as for those who transfer from one excessive to the different. You progress by way of loneliness, despair and separation to find connection, fulfilment, love and fact inside your being. This leads you to exist inside, harmonising with and experiencing the fulfilment of the Creator as a pure a part of your being. It may also be described as being in the stream, expressing the Creator and even enlightenment, though true enlightenment types if you realise your everlasting connection to each being on the Earth and the inside planes. Harmonised with the Creator you then start to discover the presence and existence of the Creator past your self. In the previous, you’ll have felt utterly separate from others, nevertheless, along with your robust inside bond with the Creator all boundaries, boundaries, limitations and illusions start to fall away. That is if you realise that the time spent experiencing the Creator inside you was immensely worthwhile as you grew to become aware of and in a position to recognise your personal power, which is enormously appreciated if you uncover that you may merge with all facets of the Creator. With the ascension expertise of connecting with all facets of the Creator, it’s as in case your boundaries turn into blurry, now not is your bodily physique seen as a separating side of your self, now not do folks really feel like strangers, now not are you confused by the actions of others, and the path the world is evolving into. A deep-seated sense of connection manifests which we really feel may be higher defined as a deep-seated knowingness inside your being and familiarity with every thing round you. You realise that every thing is part of you since you are part of the Creator.

A Frequent Mistake

A standard mistake comes from the ego related to belongings and management. If you recognise that you’re related to all facets of the Creator a way of entailment can manifest, which means that you could be really feel you’ve gotten management over others, that they belong to you and frustration can come up when others don’t act or react in the means you consider is suitable. That is when the power of separation can seem. Though you might be related to all beings and facets of the Creator, holding a deep knowingness, your function is to not information, management, be pissed off or alienate others or your self. Actually, acceptance turns into the key. Realising that your reference to all facets of the Creator is to assist you and your experiences upon the Earth moderately than to observe, lead or management others. Having fun with the expertise of reference to all facets of the Creator whereas observing the transitions inside your being permits you to entry stunning states of enlightenment.

The Pleasure of Connecting Past Your self

The best pleasure that manifests is that by way of your deep reference to, familiarity and knowingness of all that’s the Creator you start to take pleasure in speaking, relating and connecting with different facets of the Creator on the Earth or the inside planes. Every connection, whether or not merely a smile, eye contact or simply current silently in the presence of one other turns into a profoundly enlightening and fulfilling expertise. Observing a tree, animal, the sky or any side of the Earth turns into a deeply enlightening course of since you are conscious of your essence merging, dancing and synthesising with quite a few facets of the Creator. You’re all the time conscious of who you might be, and but every connection permits you to uncover extra of your fact and empower your essence. You’ll discover your self actively searching for to attach with and observe all facets of the Earth and the inside planes since you merely want to play with, discover and know the Creator extra absolutely. After we examine this with the means of connecting inside to expertise the Creator, we recognise that it’s a full turnaround, which you actively search to look at the Creator in all. It’s as if two facets of duality turn into one and also you create a circle in your non secular evolution which continues to broaden.

You’ll uncover the Creator in your exterior world for those who first settle for the Creator in your inside world.

We, the Pleiades, wished to share our perception with you so you’ll be able to observe this duality that arises in ascension, realising that there’s a pathway so that you can uncover which is able to lead you to your final fulfilment and expertise of life. The pathway we describe to you is the pathway of your enlightenment which is able to alter and shift the world round you, permitting you to be of service by way of this course of, typically with out realising. Your pure existence is to be related to all facets of the Creator; that is the fulfilment you search, it’s the therapeutic balm to the vacancy inside you.

With love and peace,

The Pleiadian Consciousness





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