There are no specific criteria or rules you can abide by to select and choose the right music during the business. Musical taste varies from person to person, and what you find happy, may be disturbing for others, and what is enhanced to focus on one of them may make you sleepy and the need for rest! So do not try to compel anyone to adhere to your taste for music, just as you are free to listen to what you like, but you can take the following tips while choosing your music to ensure that you get the most benefit from it while you work

1- Avoid songs
Classical music ranks first in the list of music that contributes to raising productivity, due to the lack of words that the mind spends its energy trying to understand. It is important to stay away from songs while performing work that includes writing of any kind. Song lyrics may find their way into the email or research you are working on, which you undoubtedly do not want. If classical music doesn’t appeal to you, you can listen to guitar or local music combined with background sounds known as Ambient Music.

The benefits of listening to music increase when patients choose their favorite compositions.

2- Try foreign songs.
If you prefer songs over classical music, then try listening to songs in foreign languages. In the event that you cannot understand the words, your mind will not spend its energy in focusing on it, so these songs will not affect your focus.

3- Listen to what you know
Instead of listening to new songs every day, it is best to be committed to listening to what is familiar to you. In this way, your mind will be aware of every word and tone in the music you hear, and it will not take much effort to focus on it. Remember that you are at work, and the time is not right now to upload a new album for your favorite artist, the goal here is to help you focus instead of distracting you.

4- Avoid touching songs
One day, you must have heard an impressive piece of chills, well, that is a clear indication that you should not be playing this type of music while you work. Such changes occur, when we hear tones that are contrary to our expectations or in the event of sudden changes in the music scale, which is a really interesting phenomenon but it is not appropriate for you to live on the job. Always choose hard-tune music

5- Turn up the volume
You might think that playing music in a low voice is the best way to stimulate your focus, but a study at the University of Illinois showed that the best sound level can blow up creative energy in the middle. But be aware that if you raise the volume to too high it may become disturbing and distracting. Despite all of the above, silence and calm remain in place. Some of the delicate tasks that need a high concentration must be performed in an atmosphere of complete silence, and some people prefer to work in completely devoid of any noise, be it music or others. In the end, it depends on the personal inclinations and the nature of each of us.