How to use Brainwaves for Sleep and Deep Sleep?

Sseep and deepsleep brainwave techniques are needed to get healthy and quality sleep.


Deepsleep and Brainwaves

When we lay down on the bed at night time, a train of thoughts starts keeping us awake and restless throughout the night. At that time our brainwaves are in the higher frequency range but by using beneficial meditation techniques we can ease our brainwaves and bring them back to the low-frequency range (0.5-8Hz).

binaural beats frequency – An Overview

If you have trouble falling asleep or can’t stay asleep for longer, then with the help of relaxing nature sounds, calming total body relaxation talk and binaural beats, you can direct your brainwaves, and bring them to the desired frequency range. You can choose the sound and binaural beats frequency range based on which brainwave frequency you want. Such sounds are easily available on YouTube, various websites, or you can purchase a CD.

These soothing sounds and binaural beats not only reduce brainwaves but also lower heartbeat and breathing rate that eventually causes a stable deep sleep. So next time you have trouble falling asleep, try the aforementioned sleep meditation practices. We assure you, you’ll notice a great improvement.