There is no doubt that you have heard a lot about the effect that music has on our lives, so listening to it stimulates the secretion of dopamine that improves your mood and brings back to your memory a lot of forgotten memories. However, does music contribute to making people more productive in their jobs? In fact, music may actually increase productivity and improve performance, but under certain conditions and conditions. So what are these conditions, and what is the difference between music and background noise, or what is known as Background Noise? This is what we will answer in a learning article today.

What is the difference between music and background noise?

Background Noise is defined as any type of noise surrounding us that we hear while doing other things, that is, we hear it without real intention from us to hear it, and it includes sounds such as sea waves, rain sound, distant conversations … etc. While music expresses a mixture of sounds emanating from one or several musical instruments, in the form of harmonious playing, enjoyed by those who listen.

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What is the benefit of listening to music and background sounds while working?

Numerous studies and research have shown the extent of the positive impact of listening to music and background sounds and meditation music, while working, and these benefits can be summarized as follows:
Listening to music and background sounds (moderately) stimulates cognitive performance.
Raise the ability to focus.
Improve mood.
Improving performance on creative tasks in particular.