Before you press the play button on the music applicationsutch as spotify, Deezer on your phone, YouTube or any other website, it is important to think whether listening to music will help you achieve greater productivity or whether it will become an obstacle to the performance of your tasks. Here are a number of different assignments and situations, and an indication of whether he prefers to listen to music or not.

While learning
The learning process needs your brain to analyze and remember facts and instructions. If you play music during the learning process, then the brain will need to make a double effort, and it will analyze the audio data that it accesses (from the music you are listening to) in addition to the other information it receives during the learning process. By learning and listening to music at the same time, you are performing several tasks at the same time, which causes the brain to translate the data it accesses in a wrong or illogical way. So if you need to learn something new in your work, avoid playing music or at least avoid listening to music that includes the words (songs).

The benefits of listening to music increase when patients choose their favorite compositions.

In case of commotion
n the event that you work in a noisy environment (which is mostly the modern office environment), then your brain will attempt to analyze all aspects of the noise around you separately. This increases the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol and reduces dopamine levels. These changes in the level of hormones affect your performance and may reduce your productivity significantly. So if you find yourself in a similar situation, do not hesitate to play your favorite music, because it will help you withholding the different sounds that are circulating around you, and contribute to keeping you calm, which increases your concentration.

During frequent business performances
Numerous studies have indicated that people who listen to music while performing repetitive tasks take less time doing their work and make fewer mistakes as well. Because listening to your favorite music contributes to the release of many of the neurotransmitters associated with happiness, comfort and good mood. The better your mood, the better your performance. If you are on a routine mission, you might better press the play button and hear a bunch of your favorite songs.