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Meditation Music can be used for background music, deepsleep music, stressrelief music, healing music, weightloss music and yoga music. These soothing and calming sounds will help you to relax, or sleep more deeply. The best music for stress relief, to reduce insomnia, and encourage dreaming.

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Sleep Meditation by Controlling Brainwaves

The lifestyle of people living in this fast-paced world has significantly affected their sleeping habits, causing many of them to deal with insomnia and...

Enjoy Healthy & Restful Sleep 528Hz

Different Brainwaves Our brain is primarily composed of immeasurable nerve cells called neurons. These neurons send messages from one part of the body to the...


This Solstice, Let’s Shake Up The Field Together

With the Summer season Solstice in thoughts, I requested my long-time advisor, the I Ching, what might be carried out to dissolve resistance...

The Nine Consciousnesses | Healing Energy Tools

    The 9 consciousnesses will be regarded as completely different layers of consciousness, that are continuously working collectively to create our lives. And as...

60 min meditation


I Woke Up And Realized Everything I Thought I Knew Was Wrong

After serving to out and supporting my mother as finest as I might for 13 years whereas she battled with most cancers, when...

“The Key to Relationships Is to Take Care of Our Own Self”

It is a phenomenon you've already skilled in your life. Give it some thought: Whenever you’re careworn or drained, you’re predisposed in direction...


Theta 6Hz- Deepsleep and Relaxation

Deepsleep and Theta 6 hz Brainwaves Theta Brainwaves Frequency: 4-8 Hz Inner state: creation, self awareness, dreaming, inner consciousness Brainwaves are produced by a fast amount of electrical...

How to use Brainwaves for Sleep and Deep Sleep?

Deepsleep and Brainwaves When we lay down on the bed at night time, a train of thoughts starts keeping us awake and restless throughout the...


My Only Regret Is That I Didn’t Find This Practice Twenty...

My identify is Steve. I’m a company know-how govt, father, and usually glad man. My life has at all times been about evolution...

I Realized That I Am Not My Thoughts and My Thoughts...

Michael Cinquino wears many hats. He's a photographer, an actor, a filmmaker, a management and life coach, and a Navy Veteran. We caught...

60 min Sresssrelief

60 min Sresssrelief